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Pearl Van Geest, Forensics: Specimum #3, Inkject print, 2014

Pearl Van Geest, Forensics: Specimum #3, Inkject print, 2014

Slip and Tension: Pearl Van Geest

MFA Thesis Exhibition

May 10 – 17, 2014

Closing Reception: Saturday May 17, 1-4pm

Artist also Present: Saturday May 10, 12 – 4pm

In Slip and Tension Van Geest states, ”I call attention to the drips, spills and extrusions of paint and other materials that are produced intentionally or as the by-products of various actions undertaken in the process of making my paintings.  My work is about what cannot be contained by the body, the excess that slips out regardless of premeditation and calculation. This excess is held in tension with a certain restraint, as is the deliberate gesture with autopoiesis, pleasure with disgust and acts of restoration with spoilage. Through these tensions I aim to construct work that links “corporeal logics with conceptual thought.”[1] I approach these ideas from a feminist perspective and draw upon feminist artists and theorists to inform and contextualize by work.”

A concurrent exhibition showing additional work created as part of Slip and Tension is on at the SoVA Gallery, Lebel Building at the University of Windsor. The gallery is open Monday –Friday 9 – 4 pm or by appointment. Please call Pearl Van Geest at 519-820-1046 for further details. 

Biography: Pearl Van Geest

Pearl Van Geest graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1996 and has an extension exhibition history – showing in commercial spaces, artist-run centres and in public art galleries, including solo shows at the Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University, Cambridge Galleries and at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. Her practice includes collaborative performances and installations and she has participated in group shows in venues including the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Massive Party, Nuit Blanche, Hysteria: Festival of Women and the Inside Out LGBT Film and Video Festival.

Van Geest’s paintings are part of the Canada Council’s Art Bank Collection and her work has been supported through Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council grants. She was shortlisted for the RBC Canadian Painting prize in 2003 and was selected for inclusion into the Magenta Foundation’s publication, Carte Blanche 2: Painting published in 2008She has been selected to attend numerous artist residency programs, most recently The Dizziness of Correspondences, a collaboration with the French Embassy, at the Banff Centre in 2012.

Although born and raised in Canada, she spent the better part of the 1980’s working and traveling in Africa (Nigeria and Zimbabwe) and in India. Her art practice is informed by these experiences as well as her initial degree in Biology, undertaken before returning to art school in 1992.

[1] Tamsin Lorraine, Irigaray and Deleuze: Experiments in Visceral Philosophy. (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1999), 12.




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